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Wedding Guest Dress Inspiration: From Safe Classics to Quirky Curveballs

It can be quite frustrating being a wedding guest. When thinking about what to wear, your options can often feel restricted. Is there a theme? Is there a dress code? It’s a gamble going for anything white because that’s reserved for the bride, but you also don’t want to wear anything too bright and out-there that may detract focus from the bridal gown. For the same reason, you can’t wear a dress that is too flamboyant. Oh, and did I mention that you probably shouldn’t wear the same colour as the bridesmaids either?

Whatever you wear, it’s hard to be too quirky unless the wedding is of that nature. But when done correctly, it is possible to let your artistic side out and get away with it. Let’s take a look at five wedding guest dress inspirations; from the cool and quirky to the modest and elegant…

#1 – The Attention Grabber – Burgundy Maxi Dress

We’ll start with one of the most flattering options and we’ll admit you’ve got to have a certain degree of sass to pull this off to maximum effect, but if you want an excuse to really dress to impress the Burgundy Max Layer Silk Dress is the choice for you.

It’s a dress worthy of a Greek Goddess with its graceful shape, plunging neckline, layered skirts. But whilst it is an authoritative colour that demands attention the sheer crop top bodice maintains modesty. It is also 100% silk so you’ll be comfortable whatever the weather and environment.

Burgundy Long Dress

#2 – The Cool and Casual: The Sleeveless Skater Dress

The sleeveless skater dress is an option that pushes the boat out just a little bit further. It may come across as somewhat of a casual option and you have to be brave to take a pop at this. But make no mistake about it: when pulled off effectively, the sleeveless skater dress can look absolutely jaw-dropping.

It is a dress that both radiates elegance and oozes coolness in equal measure. It isn’t too elaborate but, at the same time, the sleeveless nature of the dress is sleek and sexy. It is flamboyant enough to look right at home at a wedding and perhaps turn a few heads, but subtle enough in it’s design to not be too expressive. If you can pull it off as well as Tamsin Egerton did in her white sleeveless skater dress, you’ll be looking for any excuse to wear it again.

Image 2 - Sleeveless Skater Dress


#3 – The Timeless Classic: Audrey Hepburn Dress

There isn’t a style icon more famous than Audrey Hepburn, is there? Like Kate Middleton, everything she wore had people dazzling at her, which is why we can’t help but be inspired by the classic Little Black Hepburn Dress and consider it an ideal wedding outfit.

As a little black dress, it is both modest and elegant. It can be worn with just about anything, from white heels to a beautiful coloured scarf or matched with other black attire as Audrey would’ve done. It’s a true safe bet. Black is well known for making you appear sexier, more intelligent and more confident, which is why Audrey Hepburn’s little black dress is one of the first that springs to mind when wedding guest dress inspirations arise.


Image 3 -Audrey Hepburn



#4 – The Quirkier Statement: The Tie Dye Maxi Dress

Now, with all the safety that the Hepburn Dress brings, we’re going to throw you a curveball here. But don’t jump the gun; the tie dye maxi dress is one of the most magical dresses we’ve seen of late, and we can’t help but feel inspired by this bold and beautiful statement.

We’ll admit, it can’t be worn to all weddings, and it largely depends on the theme and how strict the dress code is, so you’ll have to consider this carefully. But if the wedding is bound to be a colourful one and you know the bride is a bit quirky herself, the tie dye maxi dress is certainly one that will receive attention.

It’s much edgier than the previous inspirations, but it’s a wedding guest outfit you don’t see very often. With the right quality and a controlled combination of colours, it can be an absolutely magical dress, not to mention incredibly unique. For example, take a look at the black and white tie dye adopted by Lucy Mecklenburgh.

Image 4 - Tie Dye Maxi Dress

#5 – The Savvy Businesswoman – The Silk Sheath Dress

An option that simply can’t go wrong is the sheath dress. Like the peplum and the Audrey Hepburn dress, it can be worn to almost any occasion and you’ll always look remarkable. With a fine silk cut and long sleeves, you can wear the Silk Sheath Dress to either weddings, to work or to social events and look elegant and empowering at any of them, making it an ideal day-to-night wedding outfit.

The silk fabric hangs lightly around the body, making for an effortless, sophisticated look. An incredibly flattering element of the silk sheath dress are the details not immediately noticeable, like the slit-cut sleeves and wrapped waist that pulls the loose-fitting bodice to add flamboyance. What’s more, it is a dress that can be worn in almost any colour due to its modest and controlled shape and style — so don’t be afraid to go bright and summery!

Image 5 - Silk Sheath Dress

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