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These three beautiful brides made their own wedding dresses

Finding the whole wedding dress shopping thing a bit annoying / boring / unsuccessful? Don’t let it bother you too much – because making your dress is always an option. I mean, you may need to brush up on those sewing skills from school (I know, I have no recollection of how to use a sewing machine either) but it’s good to know it’s a possibility and that some brave ladies out there have actually done it.

And the results? Well, they’re kind of amazing.

Like beautiful ohmygod i can’t believe you made that with your own bare hands kinda beautiful.

So let’s start with Bride number 1…  

Michelle found her gown at a vintage shop in Miami and redesigned it to fit her style. The mermaid dress featured a layered pink tulle skirt and die-cut overlay with floral embellishments in gold and pastels. She also custom-embellished her own shoes to match!

From the album: A Handmade Vintage Wedding in Corvallis, OR

DIY wedding dress 2

Bride number 2…

The groom’s sister, the designer and owner of Illume Gowns in California, helped Jessica create her gown. The cream-colored sheath dress had embroidered lace cap sleeves and a layered skirt with scalloped lace edging on each tier.

From the album: A Sand Hollow Golf Course Wedding in St. George, UT


DIY wedding dress 3

And finally, beautiful bride number 3… Straight from the bride herself: 

Straight from the bride herself:

“When I started looking for my dress, I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for, but I knew I wasn’t finding it. I realized I liked elements of different dresses, but I couldn’t find one that combined them all. I started looking for custom dress designers, but again, nothing. My mom nonchalantly mentioned how special it would be if my aunt — her sister — was able to make the dress. My aunt is an upholsterer, and she had never made a wedding dress before,” Brooke explains. “Through a few very basic sketches, clips of pictures, emails, phone conversations and lots of trial and error, [my aunt and I] designed and created my beautiful dress with a needle and thread. The moments I had with my mom, aunt and grandmother during this process are indescribable.”

From the album: A Pine Orchard Yacht & Country Club Wedding in Branford, CT

DIY wedding dress

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