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Quirk Alert! Wedding Dresses with Pockets

One thing you never think about as a bride-to-be, is…

“Where am I going to keep all my shit?”

You know, lipstick. Foundation. A comb. A chocolate bar. Essentials. You know.

Your wedding day isn’t any old night out where you can have a clutch bag and be done with it. No, no, no. You’ll have a bouquet to hold (not a clutch bag) so suddenly the idea of having a dress with pockets is THE BEST IDEA EVER.

Plus it’s adorable. And if you’re having a winter wedding, hello warm hands!

In short… pockets are awesome. Here are some dresses that have them…

wedding dress with pockets

You can buy it here: Marchesa Lace Bodice Ball Gown, Shopbop.

wedding dresses with pockets

You can buy it here: Style 8802, Allure Bridals

wedding dress with pockets 2

You can buy it here: Ivory Lace Bohemian Backless Wedding Gown, Etsy.

wedding dress pockets 5

You can buy it here: J Mendel Mermaid Gown, Shopbop

wedding gown dress

You can buy it here: “Segovia” Dress, Rosa Clará


You can buy it here: “Rimini” Dress, Rosa Clará

Considering picking out a wedding dress with pockets? Send us any more amazing dresses in the comments below! YAY pockets!

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