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Quirk Alert: The Ombré Wedding Dress

You’ve seen the world going crazy for ombré hair, now take a look at the new ombré wedding dress trend.

Yes, you heard us right. And surprisingly, it’s not as garish, or as bold as you’d initially imagine. Sure, you can opt for bright, fun, flashy ombre (we’ve included some examples of these style below too) but you can also make the ombre wedding dress a subtle and stylish choice too.

Whichever you prefer (bright and bold or soft and subtle) this trend is one that has us head over heels in love. It’s unique, full of personality and totally memorable – for all the right reasons.

Here are some examples of the ombre wedding dress trend that we simply adore, and some quick styling tips to help you achieve the same effect…

Tip 1: You don’t need to opt for an entirely coloured gown. You could choose a white gown, and go for dip-dyed ombre hemlines. Just like the stunning styles below.

ombre wedding dress wfewef

ombre wedding dresswefwe

ombre wedding dress efwe

Tip 2: Your ombre colour choice doesn’t need to be bright. Sometimes a simple ivory to champagne or blush transition is all the ombre you need. The gown below does this perfectly.

ombre wedding dress wfwef

dcd ombre wedding dress

Tip 3: If you do fancy going after a bolder look, then ruffles are the ideal accompaniment to the ombre trend. As ruffles so naturally fall into each other, it’s a gorgeous way to style the colour fade. Check out the next two styles on the list which are bold, beautiful and totally off the charts.

ombre wedding dress rwrf

ombre wedding dress wefwef

Tip 4: You don’t need a huge ombre to make this work. If you only want your ombre to be a few inches at the bottom of the dress, that’s fine! Make sure the style works for you, and is exactly how you want it. These brides did just that!

ombre wedding dress 78

ombre wedding dress 5

ombre wedding dress 3

Tip 5: Keep it a secret. Want to try the style, but scared of what your guests will think? Then keep it something just for you, and get the inside layers of the dress dyed. You can make a show of it for those people who will love it and appreciate it – and keep it a secret from those who might disapprove.

ombre wedding dress 2

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