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Quirk Alert: Blush Wedding Dress – Pretty in Pink!

2015 is the year where quirky brides are breaking with tradition, and one of the major wedding dress trends, is actually the blush wedding dress. Blush (if you didn’t already know) is a muted pink colour, kind of a mix between baby pink and champagne.

It’s a great colour for brides who don’t want something traditional, but a blush wedding dress is also a fabulous choice for brides who feel ivory or white might wash them out. Blush is a warmer colour than ivory or white, so it’s great for women who worry about their complexion with such light bright tones.

One of our favourite blush designers, is Lazaro. They have the ultimate blush wedding dress in their collection (which you can see in the photo below). It’s just blush, gorgeous, big, and OMG ALL THE TULLE. YES!

How could you not love it?

blush wedding dress  13

Lazaro isn’t the only designer doing blush wedding dresses though, we’ve included some more of our favourite dresses below for you to take a look at! And remember, you can always follow our Blush Wedding Dresses board on good ol’ Pinterest.

blush wedding dress 2

blush wedding dress 3

blush wedding dress 8

blush wedding dress 10

Blush wedding dresses can look really regal too so are fantastic for big venues and destinations – and as a colour, it would look amazing in outdoor weddings – especially in Europe, where those colours match the romantic feel of the old destinations. Imagine wearing this dress in Paris next to the Eiffel Tower – just perfection right?

blush wedding dress 11

blush wedding dress 12

blush wedding dress 14

Worried about the pink looking a bit too Barbie? Stop worrying! Blush is a muted colour, so it only needs to look Barbie if you want it to (i.e. you pair it with bright pink accessories).

The bride below paired her blush dress with copper gold accessories which really turns the look into something unique and classy.

blush wedding dress 15

blush wedding dress

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