Quirk Alert: Alternative (Non-Flower) Wedding Bouquets

The rise of non-flower bouquets is one we’ve seen literally everywhere. It used to be just crafty friends doing it – but with the introduction of sites like Etsy, you don’t even need to be a DIY craft-lady to acheive this style yourself.

Nope, you can just pay someone to make it for you.

So we scoured the tinterwebs for some of our favourite ‘non-flowers, but still absolutely gorgeous’ wedding bouquets. And the best bit (and by far the biggest advantage…) these will last forever. Which normal flower bouquets won’t!

So let’s start with the quirkiest of them all (in our humble opinion anyway).

The Star Fish bouquet! For all those wannabe mermaids out there. Click here to buy.

quirky wedding flowers bouquet7

Next up, it’s the Paper Bouquet. For Brides who aren’t afraid of papercuts. Click here to buy.



Our 3rd choice is the Butterfly Bouquet. For brides who want that English / Fairytale / Magic kinda style. Make your own here.

quirky wedding flowers bouquet6

Having a tiffany-blue themed wedding? This Tiffany Bouquet might be the perfect choice for you. Click here to buy.



Next up… Some more Paper Bouquets. For brides who want afforable, but forever. Click here to buy.

quirky wedding flowers bouquet5


Looking for something completely different to flowers? Then a Button Bouquet should be right up your street (or aisle… haha). Click here to buy.

quirky wedding flowers bouquet2

Are you and your other half travellers at heart? Then this Atlas Bouquet is perfection! Click here to buy.

quirky wedding flowers bouquet


Want something small and sparkly? You’ll love this Diamond Heart BouquetClick here to buy.


Another more-traditional choice for sparkly brides. This Gem Brooch Bouquet is stunning. Click here to buy.


Want something simple and homely? This Felt Bouquet is almost cuddly. Click here to buy.


Which is your favourite?

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