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Quirky theme: Rainbow wedding!

Can’t decide on just one colour for your wedding theme? Who even made that rule? Who says you only have to pick one?

Let us introduce you to the ‘rainbow wedding’ – where every colour is allowed and the general vibe is gorgeous, happy, summertime madness. Sounds ideal right? And whilst this theme is an amazing choice because it looks fun and just adorable all round, it’s also especially meaningful for gay couples, as the rainbow carries extra sentimental meaning with gay couples.

We just love this colour scheme!

We’ve collected up some amazing rainbow inspiration in the photos below, so take a look and see what you think!

rainbow wedding theme

Sometimes it can just be a subtle touch (like the little drinks straws above). Sometimes you want to go all out (like having rainbow wedding bridesmaids) like the photo below.

rainbow wedding theme

And don’t you agree, cakes look way more delicious when they’re rainbow themed?

rainbow wedding theme

rainbow wedding theme

You can slip in a bit of colour in all parts of your day. Why not swap out traditionally white things for various colours of the rainbow. The below birdcage veil is the perfect example.

rainbow wedding theme

rainbow wedding theme

The cake below is a cute way to have a subtle rainbow wedding. It’s all hidden away until someone buts the cake…!

rainbow wedding theme

rainbow wedding theme

rainbow wedding theme



Some rainbow accessories can be super easy and cheap to make. The star bunting below wouldn’t cost more than £10 to make, and would add a lovely pop of colour to your reception venue or even as table runners on the reception tables!



If rainbow dresses are too bold (like above) why not go for rainbow shoes instead?



Got any more ideas? Share them in the comments below – or tweet us some more suggestions!

Quirky Bride x


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