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How to Organise a Perfect Quirky Wedding

Quirky themed weddings are fantastic, but they take a lot of organising and attention to detail to get right. To help you with yours we have put together a quick checklist.

Be sure of your theme

The first step is to be clear about exactly what you want. The clearer you and your partner are about the look you are after the more likely it is that you will get your dream wedding.

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Put together a wedding inspiration book

As you browse online, go through magazines and visit wedding fairs keep a copy of anything that catches your eye. Put it all into a wedding book and box. Use the box to keep fabric swatches and other physical samples to hand.

It helps to print out photos, and anything that you find online as well as keep digital copies. This approach allows you to lay everything out on a dining room table. Seeing things together in one place makes it easier for you to make the right decisions.

As your plans progress, you can put together a proper wedding planner. This helps to ensure that nothing is missed.

The right venue

A crucial part of pulling off a themed wedding is choosing the right venue. You need a location that will work with your theme and help you to create the right ambience. It is important to find somewhere that is big enough to accommodate your wedding guests and has the facilities to hold the type of reception you want.

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Your wedding outfits

Naturally it is important to get your wedding outfits right. Your clothes play a huge part in creating the look and feel you want.

It may be necessary for you to expand your search beyond traditional wedding retailers. If you are looking for period wedding outfits you may need to go to a costume designer to get exactly what you need.

Your makeup

Your makeup and the way your hair is styled will complete your look. It makes sense to use professionals for this. On your wedding day, you are going to be nervous and busy, so the last thing you need is the additional stress of doing your own makeup.

The right décor

Decorating your venues to reflect your chosen theme is vital. Attention to detail is important at this stage. Pay particular attention to how the tables are finished. Your guests will spend a lot of time seated, so your table decorations need to reflect your theme.

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Great music

Music can help you to create the right ambience. You need an experienced band that is used to playing the type of music you want. Vibetown wedding band is a great example of the kind of group you should be hiring.

This band already offers an extensive play list. Like most good wedding groups, they will happily learn a couple of new songs to provide brides and grooms with exactly the music they want for their reception. You just need to discuss this well in advance to make sure this is possible and give the band time to practice any special songs.

As you can see, there is a lot to organise. Therefore, the earlier you start to plan your themed wedding the more likely it is that your day will go well.

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