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Quirk Alert: Beautiful, Bridal, Floral Hair Garlands


Forget wearing a tiara or even a veil on your big day, the best way to embrace your inner fairy-princess, or boho goddess is to decorate your hair with beautiful flowers. But we’re not talking a little daisy chain here – we’re talking big, beautiful, OTT amazing flower garlands.

Need a bit of inspiration – or not sure where to start looking? We’ve put together some of our favourite styles below as well as a few tips to help you find the perfect look!

Tip 1: Go simple if you’re not sure… 

If the idea of wearing a flower garland makes you a bit nervous (maybe it’s a bit too out of the ordinary or a bit too far from traditional) then opt for a simple design or a simple flower arrangement. The one below is ideal.


flower hair garland wedding 2

Tip 2: Match it up with your make-up… 

For a purely show-stopping look, make sure your flower garland matches up perfectly with your lipstick. It’s the easiest way to make this boho style look polished too.

flower hair garland wedding 3


Tip 3: Keep accessories to a minimum…

To keep all eyes on your beautiful flower garland, keep accessories to a minimum like the bride below. Her dress is super simple, her make-up is minimal and all the attention is on her gorgeous hair!

flower hair garland wedding 5

flower hair garland wedding 34

flower hair garland wedding 65


Tip 4: A plait looks gorgeous alongside a garland! 

Take a tip from Katniss Everdeen and opt for a side plait with your flower garland – bonus points if you can braid some of the flowers through the plait!

flower hair garland wedding 6

flower hair garland wedding

flower hair garland wedding21

00 flower hair garland wedding

000 flower hair garland wedding

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