Romantic Roadtrip Ideas for Your Honeymoon

Taking a road trip might not seems like the most romantic honeymoon idea, but you’d be surprised. Romantic road trips are definitely the new trend! There are some seriously gorgeous road trip routes you can take around the world, and it’ll definitely be an adventure you’ll remember. Here are some ideas…

Great Ocean Road, Australia 

Located in South Australia, if you want sun, sand, sea and beaches this is the most ideal road trip route imaginable. This is the ultimate road vacation. There are plenty of places to stop off an enjoy along the way too.

New Zealand 

You could drive the whole length of New Zealand (both islands) in a few weeks, and it’s be an incredibly epic road trip. There is so much to see in this country and the views are so beautiful, it’s romance to the max. We recommend stopping off at Queenstown in the south especially.


The West Coast, USA 

The West Coast of the USA (think Malibu up to San Francisco) offers some incredible stunning vistas and some amazing road trip routes. Visit this site to discover more about what cars you can rent.

Scottish Highlands 

If you want to stay closer to home, then the Scottish highlands are an amazing choice! So much beautiful scenery and so many stunning lochs to explore!


Which route would you take?

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