Inspiring and quirky Honeymoon Ideas

Looking for some honeymoon ideas a bit different from the average package holiday? Here are our top picks… or you can check out these inspiring honeymoon ideas.
1. Journeying around Japan
Japan is steeped in ancient tradition; a walking honeymoon in Kyushu would allow you to drink in the exotic rural scenery surrounded by romantic views of mountains and woodland. You could walk hand in hand in Kirishima National Park around verdant forests, sparkling lakes and even a volcano. You could also relax in hot springs and see a wide range of enchanting wildlife. If you’re honeymooning in March-May you will also experience the glorious cherry blossom for which Japan is famous.
Image credit: Moyan Brenn
2. Seclusion in the Scottish Highlands
Romance and seclusion abound on the Isle of Skye. Why not stay in a delightful thatched cottage for two and snuggle up in front of a roaring fire after a romantic walk along the beach admiring the craggy coastline. You could take a boat ride and possibly see whales, dolphins, seals, porpoises, sea eagles or puffins. You could also visit the magical Coruisk loch nestled amidst the majestic Black Cuillin mountains.
Image credit: Gary Crawford
3. Safari Sights in Tanzania
Imagine admiring the graceful silhouette of a giraffe against a fiery red sunset in one of the world’s finest safari destinations. In Tanzania, South Africa you can admire magnificent countryside, visit several National Parks and enjoy unforgettable moments with wildlife in a private vehicle with your own driver. A popular option is to combine this with a few relaxing nights on the beach at Zanzibar, an island off the coast of Tanzania.4. Romantic Castle in Ghent

The quaint, picturesque and historic town of Ghent in Belgium boasts a fairytale turreted and moated 12th century castle (Gravensteen) that was thankfully saved from demolition at the end of the 19th century. The town also boasts other architectural delights such as a cathedral, belfry, opera house and pretty town buildings. It also has a multitude of little romantic places to dine beside the Leie river. For a quiet couple not wanting to be surrounded by throngs of tourists this could be the perfect destination.5. Adventure in Antarctica

Imagine a honeymoon scrapbook filled with photos of stunning white ice against the deep blue ocean. Although the flight is long, the great white continent offers the ultimate adventure of a lifetime. You can be as intrepid as you like with environmentally-friendly custom tours including sea kayaking, bathing in self-dug thermal pools and a night of camping. Or you can simply take photographs from the comfort of a luxury cruise ship!
Image credit: Christopher Michel6.Passion in Paradise

If you’d rather have pure relaxation than an intrepid adventure how about a full on luxury Caribbean honeymoon in St Lucia. With exotic rainforests, national parks, a volcanic crater and sulphur springs, there is enough to see and do if you fancy a wander. However, there are also endless white beaches, azure blue ocean and swaying green palm trees if you want to just lie by the ocean with a cocktail in your hand. Why not treat yourselves to a couples-only boutique hotel where the ultimate focus is on romance.


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